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We care about what you are thinking

Whether you are new to the insurance and fraud industries or you have been in it forever like us, we are here to help.  When you share what is on your mind, you will receive an answer from the founder himself if you’d like, and your conversation may be compiled and shared with a future online community of others who may have the same thoughts, questions, fears, motivations, etc (with your permission).

The goal of the What’s on your mind page is to give you an outlet to express yourself freely and receive a response to your messages as well if you’d like one.

Some Things That May Be on Your Mind

  • Your career
  • Your marketing
  • Your clients
  • Life as an insurance or fraud expert
  • Work life balance
  • Other issues

Anything that may be on your mind related to the insurance and fraud industries can be shared.  Your message will be kept private and if we feel it could be of use to others, we will ask you before we post it in any future communities that may exist on

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