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Research Services

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Why would someone want research services?  Depending on the type of research that needs to be done; marketing, legal, insurance, fraud, etc it can take a lot of time.  That is time that you could use to grow your business in ways in which you are an expert.

What is included in our research services?

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What is included in our Research Services?

Any good researcher should do a thorough investigation into the topic at hand.  Professional research provided by Billy D. Henry, CFE founder of will do just that…and more.

To start a research project, we will contact you and have a conversation about what you are researching, what your goals are for the research, why you need the information you are searching for, and we will discuss the time frame to complete our professional research services.  This interview and these questions will help us to help you find the best information available.  For example, maybe you think your keywords are one thing but based on your goals we determine that maybe your keywords should be different.  This is the start of the project, from here we will run away with it and blow your mind with the results that we find.

Types of Research

Whether you need marketing research services, legal research services, insurance research services, fraud research services, or any other professional research service, we will be able to find what you are looking for and then some.  If you are not satisfied with the results our research produces then you don’t have to pay us.

Why Choose a fraud examiner to do your research

We know you will be satisfied.  Do you know why?  Because Billy D. Henry, CFE has been an investigator for over 40 years in the insurance and fraud industries, some of the most demanding industries in the world.  With all of this experience, he will be able to help you as well, no matter what field you are researching.

If Mr. Henry feels as though he is not well equipped to handle your particular research project, he will tell you and will not waste your time or give you false hope about the results.

And just so you can be sure this is the best decision, remember, you will not risk a cent of your money.

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