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A business to business case study writer produces a tool that you can use to show your potential clients the results achieved by your product or service.

What is a B2B Case Study?

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What is a Case Study and Do I Need a Case Study Writer?

Everyone knows that a testimonial goes a long way to convince a potential client of the value of your product or service.  Simply speaking, a b2b case study is a super-charged, nitrous oxide, turbo-charged testimonial on steroids.  This is because a good case study writer does research, interviews, more research, fact finding, and verification before they ever start writing the case study.  And when they start to write, they don’t just write, they tell a compelling story… 

Is a Case Study Writer Really Needed?

Just as with a white paper writer, if you are a professional writer, story telling marketer, and have experience interviewing people, researching, fact finding, etc. then the need for your own case study writer goes down.  Unless you are though, you would be opening a very large and complicated can of worms to do it right.

A case study involves choosing clients to interview and then choosing which client interviewed would be the best for the case study.  Someone who has experience with fact finding, research, writing, and investigation is needed.  Your case study writer should have experience in these aspects of the process.  When he/she does have this experience the result is going to be profound.

Your case study writer will spend an inordinate amount of time doing these things to ensure that the absolute best possible case study will be produced.  The result will be that your b2b clients will be blown away by the story that your case study writer tells.  When your clients read the compelling success story that your case study writer produces it will leave your potential b2b clients salivating and beating down your door to purchase your product or service so that they can experience the same success as your other clients.

Don’t waste your time trying to write your own case study.  Leave it to Billy D. Henry, CFE who will put his research, interviewing, investigation, copywriting, and story-telling experience to work for you. When you do this you will experience greater success in your business to business relationships.  Get a story telling marketer to be your b2b case study writer today.

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Case Study Writer Billy D. Henry, CFE
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What People are Saying about Billy D. Henry, CFE

  • I noticed that Bill has the ability to study problems and discern the areas that can be improved on before offering an opinion.

         – Ron

  • Billy builds relationships with clients that are based on Honesty.

          – Les

  • Billy is amazing with people.  He has a unique sense of humor and is clearly very friendly.

         – Robert

  • Billy is fair, determined, and builds lasting relationships.

         – Walt

  • Billy is a charismatic, down-to-earth professional who is clearly trustworthy and caring.

         – Marianna

  • Billy is a professional who knows how to investigate and will not quit until he has finished the task with a successful outcome.

         – David

  • Bill is always reliable.  He does what he says he is going to do.  You never have to worry about not being taken care of as a client.

         – Michael

  • For someone who is an investigator, Bill is appreciative of reason, in lieu of judgement.  This is an outstanding quality!

          – Shelly