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ResearchAndCopyWriting.com was founded by Billy D. Henry, CFE.  Mr. Henry began his insurance career in February 1972. Back then there were no computers used for research purposes.  Mr. Henry had to research in manuals and other published materials in order to find answers to pressing questions about insurance coverage.  These published materials included books, laws, and even the insurance policies themselves with all exclusions and conditions.  Mr. Henry is now pleased to be able to do this type of research in much less time using modern technology to help his clients.

The last fifteen years of his insurance career, Mr. Henry worked for a middle market international broker as a claims advocate. His task was to work with their clients to see they were paid and paid timely.

Mr. Henry would interview his clients and determine what responses were given to questions from the adjuster or any expert the insurance carrier might have hired.

This experience taught Mr. Henry to follow leads where they take you.

Don’t you agree your clients deserve the best research you can provide?

Having spent just over 40 years in the insurance business, there is not much Mr. Henry has not seen or heard.  Mr. Henry has owned his own company and worked for a large third party administrator owned by Swiss Re and a large international broker.  Mr. Henry was always looking for a sales opportunity, keeping his ear to the ground so to speak.

During his career, he was instrumental in winning a bid from a large association of school boards, self-funded worker’s compensation program.

Mr. Henry was also successful in winning a worldwide bid for Army and Air Force Exchange Services, handling their USL&H claims.  These were about the same as worker’s compensation claims but 10 times as expensive.

Other successful bids were with a Department of Insurance handling runoff of claims from defunct insurance companies.

The last 15 years of his career were spent working for an international broker as an advocate for their clients.  He won some of the coverage arguments and lost some but his clients always knew he was in their corner.

Mr. Henry would love to give you access to his expertise in the insurance and fraud industry.

What People are Saying about Billy D. Henry, CFE

  • I noticed that Bill has the ability to study problems and discern the areas that can be improved on before offering an opinion.

         – Ron

  • Billy builds relationships with clients that are based on Honesty.

          – Les

  • Billy is amazing with people.  He has a unique sense of humor and is clearly very friendly.

         – Robert

  • Billy is fair, determined, and builds lasting relationships.

         – Walt

  • Billy is a charismatic, down-to-earth professional who is clearly trustworthy and caring.

         – Marianna

  • Billy is a professional who knows how to investigate and will not quit until he has finished the task with a successful outcome.

         – David

  • Bill is always reliable.  He does what he says he is going to do.  You never have to worry about not being taken care of as a client.

         – Michael

  • For someone who is an investigator, Bill is appreciative of reason, in lieu of judgement.  This is an outstanding quality!

          – Shelly

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And if you are not satisfied with the results of the research that ResearchAndCopyWriting.com does for you, you will receive a 100% refund of the amount you paid.  

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