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White Papers and Case Studies Improve Client Acquisition


Time is money…

Have you been trying to write your own white papers and case studies only to find that you waste a lot of time and as a result lose a lot of money that you could have made using your time more wisely?  If so, then I know how you feel.  It takes years to become a successful white paper writer and it takes even more to become a great storytelling case study writer.  That is where I can help you, I have over 40 years of experience in research and professional writing that I can put to work for you!

Why a White Paper Writer Will Save You Money!

As a professional in your field, you may be able to make anywhere from $100 – $500 per hour doing what you do best.

We all want to try to do things ourselves, and it is obvious why, to save money!  If you are not a professional writer and you try to become your own White Paper Writer or Case Study Writer, you may spend 40 hours or more trying to get a good white paper or case study written.  In the end, it may turn out that it is really not very good.  You saved money by not having to pay someone to write your white paper or case study for you, but at the same time, you put off 40 hours of work at $100 per hour!  That really means that for your white paper or case study, you paid at least $4,000, which could possibly be double what you would have paid a professional white paper or case study writer to do it for you.


How we can help you get the job done

White Papers and Case Studies

We are also top notch writers in every field because we educate ourselves and we have specialized expertise in the insurance and fraud fields.  We would be happy to be your white paper writer or your case study writer and thereby increase your bottom line.

Research Services

Tired of spending hours researching for yourself and not getting what you were hoping for?  With over 40 years of experience in the insurance and fraud industries, we are very efficient and diligent at researching anything and will provide you with very high quality results or your money back.

Copywriting Career

If you are just beginning your career as a copywriter, white paper writer, or case study writer let’s talk.  We can help you to reach your goals as a professional writer.  We’ve created a space just for you also, please visit our What’s on your mind page to express yourself.

Get Started Now

Ready to save time on your research, copywriting, white papers, and case studies? Leave it to us! We have been doing this for over 40 years and we can do it for you also and at great rates!

Find Out More About Us

Want to know more about us before you decide to work with us. We don’t blame you. We have a rich history in the research and Copywriting industry.